What Makes Us Special?

With a passionate and caring staff who understands what it takes to make a difference in each others' lives. through nurturing the interests and talents of our children and community members by being connected and proactive in consciously molding  our future; our life., we can make a better future.

 A Unique Approach ~ We All Grow When We Work Together

As we face the numerous challenges in today's world, having an a place for you, your child, your teen, your family member or a friend to express their ideas and thoughts through art and cultural learning can make a profound difference.


The ground in which 7GFP is planted have these life giving elements:

~ Learning and integrating techniques to experience a sense of balance through challenging times.

~ Developing the necessary skills through collaboration in turn building trust through authentic communication.

~ Cultivating brilliance by honoring imagination and creativity.

~ Acknowledging and developing the intimate between languages and higher oder thinking.

~ Providing a center for:  exploration of an interest, learning a new skill, gaining knowledge, or develop a talent through working directly with     an expert in a chosen field of study. 

~ Choosing to take an interest or talent to the next level with a mentor.

~ Building a Personalized Portfolio affirming your contribution to Designing Your Future.

Why 7GFP?

Members will benefit by gaining the tools, knowledge and experience to build talent and creativity to enrich their future and those around them.


Who Can Participate?

Any community member, family and friends, any student, whether home schooled or through the district or charter school can become a member of 7GFP.   


Anyone who is looking for another outlet or an after school activity to broaden and enrich their lives, learn about something new or just wanting to delve deeper into an area of interest may participate as a 7GFP member. 

Any Community member who is looking to expand their horizons and grow or develop a skill or talent.

  • Students (home school, charter, district or career driven) Ages 7-18 

  • Adults


What we Provide?

  • Access to highly skilled, professional staff

  • Ability to find the best in the field for member's tailored interested in a specific field of study

  • The opportunity to create your portfolio for a career or an interest with our Mentorship approach

  • An environment where members can access professionals to build and learn skills, develop talent or just explore an interest


Benefits of Participation

  • Increased self-study skills

  • Learn to contemplate

  • Create and express through art, culture and fun

  • Increase critical thinking

  • Life experience developed

  • Boost in confidence

  • Interpersonal communication and relation skills

  • Capacity to generate and bring new ideas

  • Build life skills

  • Learn new skills

  • Develop a talent

  • Explore an interest 

  • Do something you’ve never done before and always wanted to do or learn about

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of 7Generations Forward Project?

All ages:

Students 7 - 18 years old  and adults are able to become a member at 7GFP. 

Exceptions  are possible under special circumstances.  Please contact 7GFP for more information.

Do you help prepare for exit exams, ACT's, SAT's and other tests?

We do not currently specialize in preparations for high school exit and college entry exams.  If we find there is a need, and if you or your child is in need of assistance preparing for an entry or exit exam, please connect with us, as we will find an expert to fill your need.

How does the membership work?

Each membership is in four week increments.  You can sign up for either one class once a week, a two hour block one day a week or two hour blocks two days a week for a four week cycle. 

One week before your membership is up you will receive an email to renew your membership. 


If you choose to cancel a membership please email us by going to our contact us page.  

Artwork by Marvin Jonason