What is Intercultural Arts?

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 Intercultural Arts

and Cultural Integrity

A close examination of intercultural arts work and encounters unravels complex relationships among arts disciplines and ways to conceptualize and understand intercultural arts travels. Intercultural arts research sheds new insights into shared cultural and intercultural futures that need to be reimagined and co-created with a sense of ethical obligations, exploration, openness, and reflexivity. This leads to embracing a multiperspective worldview that addresses and celebrates the embodied nature of intercultural arts practices across global contexts: a worldview that is continually constructed, dynamic, and fluid, existing both within and between locations, and that connotes a particular type of ethical educational space.

Oxford University Press 2022.

Begins September 2022

Foreign Language and Cultural Studies

Image by Mary Koval
Image by Lacie Slezak
Image by Mary Koval

Beginning October 3 , 2022
Memberships Packages Available September 3, 2022

Languages and Cultural Studies Schedule Available
September 3, 2022


Begin July 2022

Workshops may be purchased separately from memberships

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Foreign Language/Cultural Studies (meets weekly) or 
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Foreign Language/Cultural Studies (meets weekly) and
One Workshop a month

Including 1 monthly event with our sister company

Either Foreign Language/Cultural Studies (meets weekly) and
One Workshop a month  or Two Workshops a month
Including Any 2 monthly events with our sister company

Workshops may be purchased separately from memberships


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We implement necessary protocols to ensure our environment is healthy and safe for all.

1) Personal Spacing ~ Respecting those around you by honoring their 'bubble space'
2) Protective facial wear when appropriate
3) Sharing of information regarding the importance of sustaining clean spaces, hands, and items
4) Maintaining a well ventilated space
5) Implementation of these above essentials to maintain a healthy safe environment so we all can flourish


Black Out Dates for 2022


 ~ Exceptions may occur ~



​March 26 - April 1, 2022​

July 31 - August 6, 2022

November 25, 2022

December 24 - January 6, 2023

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